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Hailing from Chengdu, China, Shinetay has become a premium choice for beekeeping supplies for different customers all over the world. As a leading manufacturer and renowned bee hive suppliers of beehive products, we provide affordable beekeeping products, equipment, accessories and clothing with unmatched and unbeatable service.

Our high-density beehives are manufactured and produced locally and supplied to the customers all over the world; our products are carefully developed, designed, and tested in China by beekeepers. Our professionally built insulated gabled roof is known for its précised insulation, while our wood made beehives are capable of adhering to all the natural environment and conditions.

Chinese Bee Hive Manufacturer

Even though our wooden mesh floor is thick and made from the most elegant wood providing effective insulation, and in certain situations, stands for beehives are not need. The roof and floor combined provide solid but efficient polystyrene walls and will keep your bees snug and dry even in the challenging conditions with a constant temperature throughout the entire summer.

Our online store provides a large assortment of gift items including bee brushes, automatic honey flowing beehives, protective equipment, electric smokers, honey extractor, and many more. Besides that, our online store features an array of other bee-related products for our prestigious clients all over the world.

Over the course of years, we have become leading bee hive suppliers in the world and are ready to facilitate our client’s demands and needs. Our staff at Shinetay is always available to answer your queries and questions you may have about beekeeping and bees, and the products as well. You can reach out to us at any time.


Name:       Beehive

Material:   Fir wood/pine wood


1 top+1 bottom+1 flat box+1 super box

Customize for any dimension.

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