Automatic Honey Flow Beehive

Beehive box made with high quality pine wood, strong corrosion resistant ability
The extraction process is so gentle, the bees barely notice at all
This honey beehive can compatible with your existing hive.You can shorten the frames to suit any hive
Through the clear end-frame view, you can see when the honey is ready without opening up the hive
1.Honey Flow Hive house for the auto Flow honey Frames (Max 7Pcs), can be assembled with other super frames kits.
2.Our Honey Flow Hive Starter Kit is a super way for the beginning beekeeper to begin his or her first colony of bees. No centrifuging, no mess, no fuss, no expensive processing equipment needed.
3.The extraction process is so gentle, the bees barely notice nothing at all. Our frames make extraction process far less stressful for the bees and so much easier for the beekeeper.
4.Made of fine wood and built to last, this hive comes unassembled with easy assembly instructions and everything .
5.Our frames can fit any existing beehive house.
Additional information

1 set/carton


65*31*25 cm


15 kg

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