Which Lumber is the Best for Your Bee Hive?

Bee Hive Suppliers

Bee hives are generally made out of wood. However, many bee hive suppliers produce this product with different types of lumber. That doesn’t mean you can select any material you like. You need to make your choice according to how much money you plan on using and if the material you desire is available within your region or not. Here are the best words for bee hives.


Pine is currently the most popular wood that is preferred for bee hive manufacturing. Bee hive suppliers can find this type of timber readily available almost everywhere. In addition, this wood is the cheapest lumber you can use for a bee hive.  Apart from that, pine is also known for its durability which helps it survive longer.


Cypress is an excellent choice because the tree produces a sap-type oil. This oil protects the wood from mould and insects. However, this wood is mostly found in the southern part of the USA. Therefore, making it harder for northern bee hive suppliers to get their hands on it.


Cedar is popularly known for its beauty and elegant fragrance. The natural oil that it produces keeps it safe for any possible threat that can harm it. The best thing about this type of wood is that you don’t have to waste your time on painting it. It looks perfectly appealing with its natural look.

Wrap Up

These were the three most common and best types of lumber that can be used to produce the perfect bee hive. Though you’ll find other types being used in different regions, the ones mentioned above are ideal for your next bee hive. The choice is yours, so choose the best one.

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