Using A Honey Extractor Correctly

Honey Extractor

Once the bees are done filling the combs with honey and capped it, the time to extract it has arrived. To remove honey from the combs without damaging them a device known as the honey extractor is used. It contains a cylinder-shaped drum along with the frame basket. It uses centrifugal force to extract honey. The comb and wax remained intact and can be returned to the hive. However, this is the theory part let’s learn how to do it practically.

Removing Combs

It is not tough all you have to do is follow some simple steps obviously in correct order though. The first thing is to remove the fully capped combs from a hive. For best results do it a day before extraction. Always remember to store them at a place where bees can’t reach because they smell their honey and track it.

Select A Place

It is always best to carry out the procedure indoors because when it is done outdoors, the honey might be exposed to bees. It will only add to the trouble, and some bees are suicidal enough to drown themselves in the syrup. Once the location is finalized, make sure the device has enough space to work properly. The bottom spigot must have a bucket or something to collect the extracted honey. It is best to place a strainer on the collecting container to filter.

Uncap The Combs

Uncapping the combs can be a little tricky. Try to do it as near the honey extractor as possible. Uncap combs from both sides. This step has to be carried out with patience and utmost care. Too deep a cut and the comb might be wasted, only a centimeter (max) cut would do.

Use The Honey Extractor

Now place the uncapped combs in the baskets inside the extractor. It depends what type of extractor you are using, manual or automatic. The manual honey extractor has a crankshaft handle to spin the combs. As combs are spin, centrifugal force pulls honey to the inside wall of the extractor. From where it reaches the spigot and comes out of it to the collection unit.

Extraction is the most crucial process of honey making business, and the whole process depends on a single device thereby, making it extremely imperative to invest smartly. Always deal with the beehive suppliers who are trustworthy. The tools and instruments they provide will affect the working of the extractor.

It is recommendable to ask around and seek some help from others in the business before ordering for the beehive supplies if you are new. If you find reliable bee hive suppliers in the initial phases, you’ll be set to success in no time. These suppliers can even guide you with the purchases as they know what others are interested in and what accessory is successful.

End Point

Beekeeping is a very demanding profession. It depends on many factors which may be out of human control sometimes. It requires a great deal of patience and care before providing any profit. If you are not passionate about making honey, then it can turn out to be difficult but if you know where your heart is it doesn’t require rocket science. Though it is true that nothing comes easy.

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