Basic Guide Of Beekeeping Suits For The Beginners

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Many beginners in beekeeping ask the same question that do we really need a beekeeping costume for our protection? And what is the best choice in these suits? Well, yes all the beekeepers have to have beekeeping suits, and there are several things to look for when choosing one for you.

The Fit Is More Important Than You Expect

The fitting must be considered as an important aspect of a beekeeping costume to allow a comfortable movement. Keep in mind that you’ll have to spend hours in the suit and you can’t possibly be immobile due to the ill-fitted gear. Roomy fit suits are the best choice because you will have to twist and turn a lot while beekeeping.

Extra loose fit is also not recommendable as it will again make the person uncomfortable. Approaching a hive full of stings is already not an easy task why make it even more difficult?

Be Careful With The Color Selection

Next thing, the color of the suit. Against the common belief, white is not the only color, but yeah, dark colors attract angry bees so, avoid them. It is advisable to wear light shades, they’re bound to get dirty easily, but it will surely protect you from the angry bees.

  • There is multiple reasons why we recommend all the beginners to go for light colors.
  • The light color will make it easy for a honey extractor to spot when a bee lands on him.
  • It will keep the beekeeper cool during summer visits to the hives.
  • Most of the bee enemies are dark in color like racoons, bears, and skunks so, it is a natural instinct of bees to attack any dark color object approaching them.

Bottom Line

If you want to avoid the danger of being stung then try to put on an outfit that’s light in color and is loose fitted. It is important to be able to approach and open the hives without offending the bees; otherwise, they will get defensive against the honey extractor, and the chances of bee attack will increase.

Key Note

These are the very basic guidelines for the people who are just starting beekeeping. Beginners are prone to make fundamental mistakes, and sometimes these little blunders end up as major loses. To avoid such mishaps, it is important to go through the guides in detail before jumping into it head first. In the end, we want to wish all the beginners very good luck!

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