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Since eight years, we have become one of the leading best honey extractor, manufacturer and bee hive suppliers of beehive products providing our expansive clientele a vast range of products in both customized and standard finishes. There are two basic and the most common types of movable or modern hive in use. These hives are generally represented by removable frames which allow the apiarist to check out and monitor for different parasites and diseases. These movable frames also assist the beekeeper in breaking the hive and developing new and improved colonies more easily.

Keeping that in mind, we use top-quality wood for creating these hives. Whenever we talk about taking out your own honey, you will need a decent extractor to help you out in the best possible manner. Keeping that in mind, our quality honey extractor is one of the best suppliers that you can possibly find. It’s safe, convenient and available in different shapes and sizes. Save your time and purchase our extractor which is equipped with quality materials providing extensive diversity and uniqueness into the product and you won’t be disappointed.

Shinetay Specialty cooperative of apiculture is located in Qionglai town Chengdu city of the Sichuan province. Qionglai is the core market of honey in the Sichuan province for its well-known history of beekeeping, and the excellent honey resources such as grape, orange, loquat and camellia flowers. The young and energetic cooperative, which was established in September, 2007, is based on 72 strictly selected apiaries. It inherits excellent qualities of its predecessors the leading enterprise of the local market.


During the past 8 years, Shinetay has captured a significant share in the local market all along. Now 42,500 swarms are under the cooperative’s name, and the products include 2000 tons of honey, 300 tons of royal jelly, 400 tons of bee pollen, 200 tons of beewax, and 100 tons of propolis.



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